Hymn of the Sands


Diablo-style role-playing and action in ancient Egypt


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Hymn of the Sands is an 'action RPG' set in ancient Egypt where you will control the Egyptian god Osiris in his fight to recover his lost immortality from the forces of evil.

The style of the game is pretty similar to titles like Torchlight or Diablo. In other words, you'll need to advance through a dungeon infested with traps and enemies, dodging the former and finishing off the latter.

As you progress through the Egyptian catacombs, you'll discover new abilities that can be linked to different buttons on your mouse or gamepad. There's your normal attack, different attacks that form fireballs or steal lifeforce, and even special group attacks.

One of Hymn of the Sands' most distinctive characteristics is that you can change between the realm of the living and the realm of the dead at any time. Like in Soul Reaper, you'll be able to alter reality with just the push of a button.

Graphically, Hymn of the Sands is surprisingly good thanks to the Unreal Engine. Its character models, lighting effects, and textures are all quite impressive.

Hymn of the Sands is a Diablo-style role-playing game with a lot of character. It has fun gameplay and excellent graphics.
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